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So... as you maybe already figured, I'm doing a little research through questionaire at my menu side bar. And I found out I have visitors from other countries than Czech Republic and Slovakia! It really suprised me, but anyways... people who don't understand Czech, WELCOME! Usmívající se And because I'm really curious... would you tell me where are you from and how did you find my blog? Thanks a lot! Usmívající se Oh and I know this blog probably does say much to you, as you don't understand Czech, but you probably figured that it's mostly about Klaine fanfiction... thanks for chacking it out! Usmívající se


PS: Sorry for my English! ÚžasnýSmějící se

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Verča Verča | 3. března 2013 v 14:40 | Reagovat

Really still alive? :-D
Because I don´t see it :-D
Do something with it, please! :-D

And I also apologize for my english :-D

2 Iss Iss | 3. března 2013 v 18:03 | Reagovat

Hi! Here is Isabelle, from Austria. As you maybe know, I'm girlfriend of one of your readers, Gee. I'm using your stories to get better in Czech and they are also wonderfully written. I also assume that my sister Therese is here too, because we often read these stories together. And they are well known in german-speaking part of LGBT community in Prague. Count on us :D
The only thing Ï'm not quite sure about is if you want reviews in other than Czech language. I don't speak Czech and since German is my native language, my English isn't perfect too.
But, for me, thank you for welcome and for amazing stories you write.

3 Tessee Tessee | 3. března 2013 v 18:36 | Reagovat

[2]: Hi Iss! I'm so glad you like my stories and that they're useful in other way than maybe bringing joy to a few people :-)
Oh and say hi and thanks to your sister, too :-) She has pretty similar name to mine! (I'm Tereza, Tessee is just a nickname) :-D
Also, I had no idea I'm well known anywhere :-D But I'm really glad. Thanks, to all your community, really! :-)
And of course I want reviews in other than Czech language! :D I'll be glad for anything, really. There's just that one thing that unfotunatelly I don't really speak other languages than Chech and English 8-) I also didn't thought that people from other countries than Czech and Slovakia read my stories, because of the language :-D (Now, that I think about it, of course there are people somewhere else, that can speak Czech. Oh silly me! :D)
So... thanks again for your wonderful comment! Also, thanks to your girlfriend for bringing me readers again! :-D I hope you two girls are doing great! :-)

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